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Welcome to my power Links section, Here I provide The best sites on the Web devoted to Sega and Hard Core Gaming. Click the Fallowing Links to increase your gaming Knowledge and have fun. [DreaMcaster]"

Welcome Gamers Here are the Power Links.

A Cure for the common code this is an excellent site to get codes and walk through's

This is The official sega news site.

The Home of sega and it's affiliate's

Another Great site for Sega info.

: Home of the swirl has great updates on games and news.

This site has more great sega related links and reviews etc..

Another good site for links and info.

This site covers the Dreamcast Browser. And More!

This is The Original Dreamcast Site!

A Good site for sega related new's and info etc..

A Must see for Dreamcast users this site covers all the inside info for the DC and Sega Saturn.

This site mainly covers the Saturn Network.

Another Great source covering news on sega.

This is a great site For DC users a good site for links and More.

This link has a great selection of reviews etc..

A Good updated sega site.

Great place for Reviews etc..

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