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Welcome gamers these and all my sections are 100% Dreamcast made. I designed this site to help other DC users build web pages, view the best links and have fun in becoming a web master, so save yourself a bunch of bookmark space and add this to your favorites. I am Proud to be a part of the Segateam Network Sega Forever.

This section Contains Ton's of Sega Related Sites. Click Here to increase your gaming Knowledge...

This is my WebTools page it contains lot's of help links to enhance and learn how to make Web Sites a perfect selection of page building tools.

This is my chat links page I have updated the links supporting the four major server mainframes Ircnet,Undernet,Dalnet and Efnet so If you are using a Dreamcast and looknig for chat Rooms This is the place.

This is the Segateam Network, Blaze provides the largest list of chat links and much more he also has an E-mail Directory for DC users. I am also a Member of this amazing Network Known as Segateam Canada all Canadians welcome and apply to his mailing list.

This is The Dreamcast Design Wind has an excellent section for downloading Mp'3's and surfing with the music on your DreaMcast!!!!!!!!

This is jaxx's money making page He provides ton's of money making links for Webmasters and has a Mini Game and a Joke Message Board.

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